We pay our publishers for verified actions only. The advertisers get the leverage to verify each action to determine the quality. Real time reporting and dedicated account manager work round the clock to keep a check and make sure the delivery is top notch.

We try to formulate the best possible Media plans and try to incorporate all possible promotional channels and gradually optimize in accordance with the best performing channels. Weather it is Branding for a newly launched portal, sales generation for established players, Lead Generation of potential customers or Mobile App Installs for your newly launched APP, we are determined to give you quality traffic channels and measurable ROI. Detailed reporting on our helps you understand the top performing channels and publishers.

We give our advertisers targeting based upon the best converting demography for them by segregating our traffic into specific segments like Cities, Age, Gender, Income and Occupation. Targeting the right set of audience gives you a better chance of conversions and a significant increase in revenue.

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We create Ideas! We believe in creating ideas for the future. With capabilities to execute the idea’s we generate we have successfully delivered millions of prospects and thousands of customers for our renowned client’s.

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